About Us

Burnside Hosts:

AlanAlan MacPhee, Owner/Manager

Alan grew up in Clyde River. His family owns MacPhee Meats which has operated for many years within the community. Alan’s early school days were spent across the road at Clyde River School. He has always been very active in church work and chose an early career as a minister, following in the footsteps of his grandfather Rev. Donald Nicholson. Alan ministered for many years at Hartsville Presbyterian Church and it is there where he realized how much he enjoyed the company of seniors. Alan said that when he visited the seniors in their homes, he could always count on a good story and tasty country lunch. The hospitality that they showed inspired him to give back by providing a welcoming home and fresh-cooked country meals while allowing seniors to stay within or close to their country communities.

Alan will be a very-present owner and manager at Burnside. He will take the lead alongside his staff to ensure that Burnside is always a comfortable home for its residents, where they can welcome their family and friends. In addition to high-quality assisted living services being provided, he wants the best elements of country living to be part of the residents’ daily experience. These extra touches are growing fresh vegetables in summer in an outdoor garden, a connection to ongoing community events, church services in the chapel, fresh biscuits, and hearty and tasty meals with a hot cup of tea.

Burnside Care Team:

The Burnside Care Team is led by a registered nurse. The care workers and cooking staff are well-qualified employees from in and around Clyde River. They all share a love of community and respect for seniors. They consider it an honour to be working here and giving back to the community and to its elders.